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hi i'm bored what's up? howzabout i post some stuff. i wrote ANGST. and i xposted it everywhere so shaddup. i also sort of made a manip out of a manip and bannerfied it. and an icon.


i am in love with myself for this manip of a manip. except i shouldn't be because the hard part was done bystellarodyssey  - she made harry look old. it wasn't hard to make hermione look old. just had to darken her up a bit. so i can't take full credit. i hope stellarodyssey won't get mad at me for making this if i credit her...

anyways. i'll be quiet now.



mmkay done.

now icon.



1.she stands outside his door, not wanting to enter. she knows what she'll find- him with ginny. the essence of perfection. she tells herself she doesn't really care. she has ron. he loves her.
she turns, trailing her fingertips across the cold brass doorknob. a giggle escapes from under the door and she fights back tears.

2."NO!" she screams as his form stiffens and then crumples to the floor. "no..ron..."
harry runs toward her. He grabs ron. shakes him, wills him to move. tears run down his face and his body is shaking with sobs.

3.her dress is black. simple and plain, like herself. she tries to fix her mascara, but stops. it's no use.
harry meets her downstairs with molly, arthur, bill and remus. the only survivors of the order.

4.harry and hermione stand on the hill overlooking the cemetery. as his fingers brush hers she hears him whisper "nobody ever said it would be so hard." and she replies, 'but we can make it".



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