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We harbor sunken ships

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Lorelai/Dean [Wednesday the 28th, 09.51PM]


Could someone please tell me where to find some good Lorelai/Dean, preferably some that's not all sex? I love their relationship on the show but I'm having a really hard time finding actual fic!

Thank you!


[Sunday the 19th, 06.02PM]

(8)hhr icons
(3)hhr banners
(1)random banner 


light up )

This place is DEAD. [Friday the 10th, 01.59AM]

[ mood | tired ]

Somebody do something interesting before our sunken ship community sinks. Like all our ships.

That would just be our luck, wouldn't it?


[Sunday the 29th, 04.24PM]

Cedric is dead!

His true love with Harry was never fully realized.


Anyway, I'm too good to post here:

Fandom: Naruto
Ship: Itachi/Sasuke
Reason for shipping the ship: First and foremost, they’re fucking gorgeous together. All other reasons pale in comparison to that superficial reason.
Why it was sunk/What ship replaced it: Although they have oodles of sexual tension (I’m talking backing into the wall and whispering in his hear tension) they’re brothers.

Just look at the icon.

[Friday the 27th, 09.22PM]

[ mood | lazy ]

lolz ded


[Thursday the 26th, 07.27PM]


[3] hhr banners

[5] hermione icons

[3] hhr icons



more here!

[Sunday the 8th, 09.52AM]


pumpkinpatched,  has been updated!


click for full size. the art in that was drawn by the loverly exhaledeeply .

here are the rest!



harryhermione , delusionalfans , xxdethangelzxx , elite_harmony ,harmony_icons , pumpkinpatched

xposted like MAAAD [Tuesday the 3rd, 07.24PM]


hi i'm bored what's up? howzabout i post some stuff. i wrote ANGST. and i xposted it everywhere so shaddup. i also sort of made a manip out of a manip and bannerfied it. and an icon.


goodiesCollapse )


[Saturday the 24th, 01.14PM]


First, a welcome to all our new members. Thank you so much for joining, and spread the love. SPREAD IT.

Just wanted to wish all of y'all a Happy Christmas and such. Or, Happy Whateveryoucelebrate. I hope you have a good one.



[Friday the 23rd, 06.03PM]


Okay, have you ever seen Fight Club? Too bad, I'm referencing to it. HOMEWORK FOR THE WEEEEK!!!!!1

I have homework for the willing! The whole purpose is to spamwhore the community with shameless plugging, and if you aren't comfortable with that then that's fiiine. But, it's a mission.

Go into a fandom other than Harry Potter that supports ships that sank. You know, Will and Grace, Star Wars, LOST, Queer as Folk... Whatever's your kink. Go and spread the love! Be sure to tell them that if is against the community rules, to please allow the deletion of the post.

But I think I'd be interesting to see the feedback we'd get from other fandoms.

Add this linkie picture button thing.


The code for it is:

(just copy&paste)

Anybody willing will get a little something! Just comment in this post with the community name and maybe a link to your post. Whoever gets the most replies will get a GIFT a very very special gift. I promise you'll love it. If you're reading this thinking "ugh, I'm not going to do it..." then comment telling me your favourite song. JUST DO IT DON'T QUESTION ME

So yeah. DO THE MISSION. I know you're bored and I know you don't have much of a life, it will be fun. The wackier the fandom the more love you'll get. Remember, not HP! We love HP but dear god that fandom is insane. There is a community for every possible ship. We need new fandom ideas! So have fun with it. You will get a gift if you get some replies. I PROMISE.

Happy Christmas! Enjoy the homework. Have fun with it.

[Friday the 23rd, 02.34PM]

[ mood | bored ]

Hey, we need icons for this community. 'Cause I said so.

Do we have an hArDcOrE icon makers in the hizhouse?

(HAHA. I accidentally posted this to my journal.)


Whoo. [Friday the 23rd, 03.21PM]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Yes, I love this community. It's the shizzle. So hardcore.

In fact, I made a little something for its promotion or whatever, if you're interested...

Ooh... squares...Collapse )


ETA: I made something else as well... yeah, it's simple, but...

We are hardcore.Collapse )


[Friday the 23rd, 12.14PM]

[ mood | surprised ]

HOLY CRAP. Look how our little community has grown. It all started with a crack!chat. Ahh. Good times.

Though I did just realize, Coco. You spelled death wrong in the username. Or did you do that on purpose? ...


[Friday the 23rd, 10.22AM]

This community be bitchin’! I am hardcore, dude!

Who wants to ship canon ships? That’s CONFORMING, yo! And anyone who conforms is teh sucking.

And crunchy peanut butter s0xx0rs.

[Friday the 23rd, 03.14AM]

We are officially a community!

A list of all the ships sunken that we sailed (that's an awkward sentence to say fast) can be found here.

Comment to this entry to add any ships that we have not put on our list already.

Welcome to the community. This is a very active community (seriously, the posts.. they just won't stop coming) and certain rules are to be held.

1) Always respect the mods. We have that power for a reason. We like power. We are dictators. We will crush you. It is fun and we might abuse our powers. Communities are only fun if it's easy to bitch about the mods, so no complaining over this rule.
2) Try not to flame. This isn't to debate "lol no shit ur ship is sunk it's stupid" because ships are not sailed because they have to be canon. That is a very stupid way to view things. We will accept any ship, no matter what characters/animals/ghosts/gods/ideas are involved. 'Kay?
3) You must spamwhore this community. Right when you see this, you should be updating a link to this community. If you do this, you will have our love.
4) Once you join you will be able to post. The posts are not reviewed by a mod, so be as stupid as you wish. Let me just warn you that roo and I have no lives. We are always on the interweb. We will see your stupid entry. If it is stupid but it has a point, it will stay. If it is random shit about how you hate peanut butter, it might stay. Who knows what us crazies will decide to do, just don't flame any ship.

That is all, it is really very simple. Join. Post your icons, graphics, rants, complains, ideas. We read because we care.

AWESOME BANNERS HOLY CRAP [Friday the 23rd, 01.36AM]

[ mood | awake ]

behind the cut as to not kill your friend's page lolCollapse )


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